Grab a drink today and snap away!

The “It Girl” or “That Girl” - she rises at 6 with neatly folded, freshly laundered sheets. Then she makes a beautiful avocado toast and gets to the gym. All before the day has even really started for most of us. Revolving around gratitude, self-care and healthy living, the “It Girl” social media aesthetic has become a lifestyle coveted by many. Visually, the trend has manifested into monochrome tones and basic styles. Prominently, beverages like coffee and matcha are featured - as a fancy reward for the productive hustle. They also add a fine accent of colour to the gram.

Whether you are a consistent hustler or an aspiring one, nail your social feed with these easy photography ideas. Featuring our wide variety of drinks, the best prop for eliminating awkward hands. So grab a drink and snap away!

The classic flat lay

Get creative with a lifestyle-inspired flat lay. Tell a story with what you have, from bags and accessories to magazines and blankets - the options are endless. Here, our Latte is the #MainCharacter with visually appealing latte art. While flat lays tend to be characterised by a cluttered mess, we still matched the brown, gold and white tones for a cohesive look.

Show off your outfit

Another core theme of the “It Girl” aesthetic lies in trendy yet polished apparel. So, think #Neutral hues with timeless gold accessories. Take full-bodied shots, or close-ups to highlight your minimalistic bling. Need some colour to spice up your monochrome fits? Try a vibrant Iced Matcha Latte!

Additional tip: Instead of the typical front-facing #OOTD photos, try a vlog-esque twist. Browse through an aesthetically-pleasing café or get lost in your thoughts as you gaze afar – whatever feels the most relaxing. And that will most likely translate into #Candid photos authentic to you!

Capturing glimpses of your life is the key to nailing the “It Girl” aesthetic - so whichever idea inspired you today, always remember to tell your story.

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