This June, we celebrate moving towards a more inclusive society where people can live proudly as themselves.

Pride Month is the time we come together in unity, whether you identify as LBGTQIA+ member or an ally. It is a celebration of inclusivity and freedom of expression — having the ability to be yourself and stay true to that.

This year, we've seen more brands joining in the movement and foregrounding these difficult lived experiences. But, we can all do more to quicken our pace towards an even more inclusive society. On our end, we introduced “Tiers Of Love” to champion this message. A simple vanilla cake with different tiers of colours resembling the Pride Flag as a display of our support for inclusivity. Through these small efforts, cafe patrons can too express their allyship to the community.

Tiers Of Love Cake

And regardless of your identity, let’s all remember to keep calm in the face of difference and live our lives inclusion and wonder at the diversity of humanity. Because, love is love.

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